Hello everyone!

Once upon a time, actually like quite awhile ago, I was immersed into the world of blogging. This was before FB became a regular thing, or before there was a Twitter or Pinterest. It was the days of MySpace as the new, main time waster, but blogging was king and if you wanted to find like minded people or make internet friends or contacts it was through Blogspot (which is now “Blogger”). That was the main blogging platform but there also came along Vox (long gone) and many others. Back then it was a great way to connect with others and showcase some of your ideas or projects. I did a lot of artwork and interior stuff and working out of course. We didn’t have cell phone pics, but I did have a digital camera (it took a floppy disc and I think it was like 4 megapixels!! LOL!!) I have to say it was an exciting time and I met a lot of inspirational people and some have went on to become pretty major players in the interior design and decorating field.

Photography always played a part in my blogs (and in my life) and I even was in on Chad Darnell’s 12 of 12 from the beginning, where you posted 12 images of your life on the 12th day of each month. Chad has gone on to be an amazing screen director and casting director but I will always remember the “good ol days” of posting my 12 images on the 12th of every month! It was a chore to upload and post them too! Back then you had to work for you posts! lol!

FFWD to today where blogging has become a business and there are all kinds of studies done on when you should blog, what your content should be, how to engage readers, the list goes on. I decided to jump back in to maybe catch some of that wave, but to also reflect on what’s going on in my life and perhaps connect with some new people that have similar interests. I, of course, want to share my work and maybe some tips for sessions or weddings.

I know I should have some great images of me walking in a field holding a camera and smiling, or running my hand through my hair, looking off into the horizon dreaming of all the photography adventures that I will take, but honestly, I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it. Having images done is on my list of to dos for this year, I have a photographer friend and I LOVE her work so I think I am just going to schedule a session with her, because you know, as a photographer I tell people all the time they should be preserving their memories, I need to follow my own advice! What are some things you do to get over your anxiety of getting in FRONT of the camera?

Here is a awesome caricature watercolor I had done of myself a couple of years ago that helps alleviate the anxiety I have of mugging it up for the camera…..

Now you know a little about my blogging experience, tell me about yours? Do you like blogging? Do you even blog? What helps you get your creative juices flowing? Feel free to share your tips and experiences below.

Until next time….


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